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The Phygital Music Sommelier

You've probably never selected a restaurant based on the sound, but perhaps left because of it.

Sound we hear during our dining experience in a restaurant influences our choices, drives our action and defines our overall crossmodal sensory satisfaction.

Imagine if the restaurant could offer you a personalized and exclusive sound bubble, for your table only, led by a Music Sommelier able to deliver an à la carte sound selection, perfectly designed to pair what you’re tasting with what you’re listening to.

That's SoundFood, the phygital music sommelier: an immersive sonic seasoning inside an exclusive at-the-table sound bubble.

Leveraging its innovative registered patent, powered by the collaboration with the world's leading University Research Center on crossmodal sensory studies and music design, SoundFood decisively raises the bar of the dining scene, allowing sound to play a primary role in the creation of customer experience value.

«The two things you can’t fake are good food and good music»

Etta James

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